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Title: Mecha Squad Omega
Author: C4PyroGirl
Series: It's gonna be big
Rating: R
Warning: Lemons (coming soon) and yaoi, and of course violence
Chapter 1: The Meeting

Omega was a small army with a spacious base of operations. Despite the largeness of the base, there were only a few ranked officers. There was Granite Takashi who was the General of Omega. Its sole purpose was to uphold the peace and to prevent Hidoku's rise to power. It has been an uphill battle, with Hidoku's army of shadow clones and demons gaining a lot of ground.

There was the General Major Blythe Nagasaki, Lt. Colonel Hiroshi Izumi; he later defected to Hidoku's side, Major Xander 'Zero' Jones, Captain Jean Akita, and First Lieutenant Fox Parker. There was also the base's medic Dr. Allen, Garnet Takashi and Azure Naguma the primary and secondary mechanics, respectively, and Amber Masaru the resident firearms expert/secretary of sorts.

Granite's office was small but nicely furnished. There was a medium-sized desk, a single padded chair, a small sofa, and Granite's favorite piece was the closet that held various alcoholic drinks, but in reality held mostly beer.

Jean Akita was livid; he had gotten called into General Granite's office, nothing new there. He figured it was a briefing for a new mission, but boy was he wrong. Dead wrong. This meeting would change his life forever.

"WHAT!? Granite, you can't be fucking serious!” Jean shouted red eyes glinting with fury.

"I am quite serious, Captain. Your stoicism and inability to work well with others, has the Mecha Squad Omega, quite worried."
"So what! I get the job done, don't I?"
"DAMNIT!! That's not the point, Akita!! You have to learn how to work with others!!"

Two men ran into the room, upon hearing General Granite swear, one was Amber, a resident firearms expert, and the other person was Azure, the base's secondary mechanic.

"Granite, s'going on?" Amber asked.
"Yeah, we heard a lot of racket. . .is everything thing okay? Nothing's broken, is it?"
"Yeah, everything's fine. Just telling Jean about his new partner." Granite answered.

"Oh, Okay! We'll leave you two be." Azure said as he dragged Amber out by the arm.

"There is no way, I'm having a fucking partner!! I've made it this far without one. I don't need one now."
"Oh, yes you are."
"No, I fucking ain't!"
"Yes. You. Are."
"If I refuse?"
"You'll lose your post, and it'll given to someone else. And, I'll have someone else pilot Sabre. And of course a demotion would be in order, too." Granite said with a smirk.

"You can't do that!!"
"I'm the General of the army, of course I can."
"You're an ass you know that. And besides, he can't pilot a mecha worth a damn! And everyone hates him, too. The guy's like a walking pet peeve. I mean he pisses more people off than the DMV."
"I hate you. . ."
"Hm, well your partner is here." Granite said as the door opened, and two guys walked in.

"First Lieutenant Parker, You're late."

Fox grinned sheepishly a hand going to the back of his neck, an embarrassed blush spreading across his freckled face..
"Uh, sorry Boss. I was showing Wes around." Fox said.

"Aa, don't let it happen again. Jean this is your partner, Wes." Granite said.

Jean, finally looked over at his 'partner'.

He was surprised, he was expecting someone strong, but boy was this guy scrawny. He was only about 5'5", probably only a year or two younger than himself, he had sapphire blue eyes, Jean assumed, seeing as how the right eye was covered by an eye-patch. He also had semi-long blue hair with a spot of silver on the right, partly obscuring the eye-patch. There was also a beaded bracelet that adorned his left wrist. He was very feminine looking. And good lord was he pale.

'What the hell, is he a fuckin' albino? And, god, he looks like such a pansy…'

"Pleased to meet you. I'm Wes."
"Oh –"
"Just stay the fuck out of my way…and we will be on good terms."

Jean headed for the door.

"Oh, he'll be rooming with you, from now on."
"WHAT!?!?! YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!! Whatever…"

Jean stormed out of the room, slamming the door and muttering something about "friggin' albinos and asshole generals" under his breath.

"Ano sa, have I missed something?"
"You're his first partner. He's used to solitary missions."
"Oh, I see. That makes some sense. I suppose. Granite-shou, are pets allowed?"
"Um, yeah sure."

After a few hours of wandering around aimlessly through the base, Wes's head hurt, after all with him being an empath, and a very good one at that he was hyper aware of people's feelings. And Jean's were more on the negative side, and it was giving him a headache, so much of a headache, that he walked right into someone.

"Oh, sorry."

"It's okay, it was my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going."
"Neither was I, so lets call it even. Ah, you must be, Wes right?"
"Yeah, and you are?"
"Name's Garnet, I'm the base's primary mechanic."
"Pleased to meet you." Wes said, smiling when Garnet offered him a hand to help him up.

"Is something the matter?"
"Beg, yours?"
"You seem like something's bothering you."
"Oh, I'm just having problems with an invention. Nothing too big, I hope. Things have a habit of going wrong."
"Hey, maybe I could help you. I'm good with machines."
"Really? You wouldn't mind? It might end up being bigger than we imagined."

Wes put a hand on his hip and answered,
"If I had minded, would I have said anything?"
"I guess not..."
"I don't suppose, you know where my office is, do you?"

Garnet paused for a moment, before pulling out his copy of the map of the Omega Base.

"Yeah, it's about two doors down from the WDC."
"Weapons Design Center. We call it the WDC for short."
"I see, that makes it a bit easier to remember."
"Yeah, and it's labeled in bright red letters so you can't miss it. I'll drop by with the schematics in a few hours, is that okay with ya mate?"
"Yes, that's fine. Well, goodbye. 'Fraid I have a day's work ahead of me."
"Be seeing ya."

About a half an hour later, Garnet dropped of the weapon's schematics and left Wes to his own devices. He worked for nearly thirteen hours on adding modifications and the other necessary adjustments to the Photon Cannon. Including stabilizers, a decompression chamber, and a core that would cool down if the internal temperatures reached the danger point.

Garnet came by around 1:00 am to see the progress. He found Wes asleep at his desk and to his surprise Wes had found the fatal error in the cannon's core and not only isolated it but also provided the necessary means to fix it, also. Garnet grabbed a blanket off the office's couch and draped it over Wes's shoulders. He smiled, grabbed the blueprints and headed out the door.

"I think you're just what Jean needs. Perhaps then everything will turn out for the best."

Wes blearily opened up his eyes.

"SHIT!! I can't believe I fell asleep at my desk! Baka!"

Wes mentally berated himself as he hurried out of the office and to the dorm that he shared with Jean. Wes reached into his pocket, only to realize that…

'Shit! Granite-shou didn't give me a key!'

Wes felt like banging his head against a wall. Today was not his day.

Sometime around 6:00 am Jean got up to go to the bathroom and to go make a pot of coffee.

"Holy fuck! How'd the hell you get in here? I thought I locked that door."

Wes regarded him over the edge of the newspaper he was currently reading.

"You did, I picked the lock. Oh, there's coffee if you want any."

"You little bastard!"

"Well, we are supposed to be rooming together."

"I like my privacy."

"This is the kitchen…"

"You smug little –"

"Granite-shou wanted me to tell you, you're supposed to go on a test run with Sabre and the Photon Cannon."

Wes glanced over the edge of the paper.

"But the core overheats and – "

"It's been fixed…" Wes said as he folded the paper and placed it back on the table.

"Wait, what? It's been fixed?"

"Yeah, worked on it last night…"

"That still doesn't explain why you picked the lock."

"Didn't feel like sleeping in the hall…"

Suddenly Fox walked in.

"God what the hell is it with you people!!!?"

"Door was open, plus I smelled coffee…"

Wes poured himself another cup of coffee, and one for Fox before turning to Jean and saying, "Like I said, there's coffee if you want any."

"GET OUT!!!"

Everyone in the Omega Base could hear Jean's frustrated scream.

"Yeah, Granite?"
"I think I'll be needing that advil."
So tell me what you think, if you have any ideas, send me an e-mail or write it in your reply. Wes, Omega and Co belong to me. ^^
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