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Bittersweet Taste

Title: Bittersweet Taste
Topic: Pie
Rating: PG-13/R-ish
Word Count: 132
Pairing: ZoroSanji
Notes: Angsty and AU (the only way I could write angst and pie in the same drabble) Sad... *sniff*

It had been Zoro's favorite desert. Except now just looking at it made him sick to his stomach.

He was a detective and Sanji had been his steady lover. Zoro had expected to die first. He hadn't expected a vengeful man to target Sanji as revenge against him for locking him up years earlier.

Sanji hadn't seen the attack coming, and that bastard had made sure that both he and Sanji suffered. By the time Zoro had gotten there, it was too late.

Sanji was dead.

Pies used to have the sweetest taste to him. But now they were a grim reminder of a love he couldn't protect.

And there on their apartment table sat a cinnamon apple pie, Zoro's favorite, with a card reading:

"Happy Anniversary Zoro.
~ Sanji"

Sanji was killed on their anniversary.
Tags: one piece
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