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GojyoxSanzo Drabble 2

Title: HE'S WHAT!?
Author: C4PyroGirl
Warning: MPREG...
(If anyone wants to take a run with this; go ahead!! I'd love to see more...)

"He’s WHAT!?"
"I’m WHAT!?"

The blue and silver haired doctor adjusted his glasses, quickly glancing at Gojyo and then Sanzo before answering. "Pregnant…"
"How is that possible?"
The Doctor appeared to be thoughtful for a few seconds before answering, "I really don't know…"
"So, um…Doc, do you know if the child would be a half-breed?"
"What do you mean 'either…'?"
"That depends on which set of genes you pass down to your child, your human or your youkai ones."
"Oh…I see…"
"You'll want to refine from smoking or drinking…Oh, and you can't put the limiter on…"

"Oh, hell…."
"I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!!" Sanzo hissed out as he leapt at Gojyo.
"Ack!! TASUKETE!!!! YAMERO!!!"

The fight finally ended with Gojyo somehow pining Sanzo to the floor…which caused flashbacks of the night he had turned full youkai for the day and had knocked Sanzo's limiter off, which had led to scuffle and then lead to a night of hot steamy sex… Gojyo quickly plugged his nose to stop the nosebleed.

"We need to give him this…"
"Uh, what does it do?" Gojyo asked a little unsure of what the blue liquid was.
"It will make him less volatile…I need you to hold his nose, so I can administer it." The doctor said waiting until Sanzo reflexively opened his mouth to take a breath. The Doctor used that spilt second to poor the blue liquid down Sanzo's throat.
"Ack, what the HELL was that!?! That tastes worse than the ero kappa's cooking. I feel really tired.."
"It's just makes him really tired…"

Hakkai and Goku for the most part had been quiet, not wanting to anger the even more volatile pregnant youkai Sanzo. Hakkai turned his head when he heard foot steps approaching. A little kid with blue spiky hair and bluish-green eyes ran in and then tugged on Sapphire's pants.
"Maa maa, what is it Hoshi?"
"Can we go to the park?"
"Did you ask your father?"
"Yep, and 'tousan told me to ask 'kaasan."
"Aa, sou desu ne. We'll see about it…" Sapphire said smiling at his child.
"Yeah!!" Hoshi cheered and then ran off to bug his father.

Blink. Blink..
"Uh, is that your kid?"
"Um, so you were pregnant?"
"Thank you for your help…" Hakkai said smiling slightly.
"No problem, that's what we’re here for."
The Sanzo-ikkou then left the doctor's office.

Later that night in Gojyo and Sanzo's room, after Sanzo had woken up.
"Oi, Kappa…"
"Hai, Sanzo?"
"If that child calls me ''kaasan' I will redefine the words painfully and slowly…"
"*gulp* Hai, Sanzo…"

At Sapphire's home…
"A pregnant youkai priest, who would of thought…"
"Well it’s not the first time you've known a guy to be pregnant."
"That was different…"
"How so?"
"That was me…"
"Oooohhh yeah…"
"Aww, Saph…I was just kidding, c'mere."
Sapphire smiled as Ruby pulled him into a hug, which soon dissolved into a mind-blowing kiss.

Meanwhile in Tenkai…
"Ohohoho!!! This is too good!!" Kanzeon-bosatsu had fallen off hir throne from laughing so hard.

At the castle…
"Hai, Kou?"
"I have the sudden craving for some pickles…"
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