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c4pyrogirl's Journal
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Saturday, January 21st, 2006
9:21 pm
Title: Jewelry
Rating: R (mentions of sex, yaoi, yuri and language)
Word Count: 204
Pairing: ZoroSanjiAce, with some RobinNami on the side. ^^
Topic: Circles
A/N: This came to me, while I was folding clothes. I kid you not.
They couldn't believe how they had missed it before, but because the weather was hotter, the cook had opted for a tank top and shorts. Leaving Ace and Zoro, with some hard, pressing problems.

One the cook was outside, and so was everybody else, which meant they couldn't tag-team-group Sanji. And two, it was HOT!

"Fucking tease." Ace and Zoro groaned as Sanji bent down to retrieve a fallen cigarette.

And it was also, today that the poor suffering men noticed a silhouette of silver under Sanji's shirt. Ace grinned devilishly as he Sanji bit back a moan when the fabric rubbed against the ring. Perverted thoughts of what he and Zoro would do later to the cook, were dancing through his head.

Night had fallen and Sanji felt arms pull him backwards.

"Lets see how sensitive that is, Sanji."

Sanji moaned as he felt a warmer than normal hand tug at the nipple ring.

"Hey, don't forget about me."

Nami threw a pillow over her heard to drown out the moans of the others.

"They're like rabbits."
"I don't think rabbits screw as much as they do."

Nami smiled despite herself as Robin snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her closer.
Man, this was fun writing. ^^ Perhaps I'll write an actual lemon when I get around to it.

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
12:51 pm
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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
7:33 am
Sanji's Pie
Title: Sanji's Pie
Topic: Pie
Rating: Slight R
Word Count: 59 (And no trimming, either) ^^
Pairing: ZoroSanjiLuffy
Notes: slight language, no angst (cause everybody loves pie) ^^, and innuendo.
"It's not ready yet Luffy."
"Oi, shit cook!"



Sanji was busy adding the final touches to the apple pie before it was ready for baking.

"What are you doing!? I told you it's not ready yet!"

"That's not the pie we want, Sanji."
"We're in the mood for something a little bit bitter."
^^ Had fun writing this. ^^

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7:28 am
Bittersweet Taste
Title: Bittersweet Taste
Topic: Pie
Rating: PG-13/R-ish
Word Count: 132
Pairing: ZoroSanji
Notes: Angsty and AU (the only way I could write angst and pie in the same drabble) Sad... *sniff*

It had been Zoro's favorite desert. Except now just looking at it made him sick to his stomach.

He was a detective and Sanji had been his steady lover. Zoro had expected to die first. He hadn't expected a vengeful man to target Sanji as revenge against him for locking him up years earlier.

Sanji hadn't seen the attack coming, and that bastard had made sure that both he and Sanji suffered. By the time Zoro had gotten there, it was too late.

Sanji was dead.

Pies used to have the sweetest taste to him. But now they were a grim reminder of a love he couldn't protect.

And there on their apartment table sat a cinnamon apple pie, Zoro's favorite, with a card reading:

"Happy Anniversary Zoro.
~ Sanji"

Sanji was killed on their anniversary.

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
11:26 am
Title: Mecha Squad Omega
Author: C4PyroGirl
Series: It's gonna be big
Rating: R
Warning: Lemons (coming soon) and yaoi, and of course violence
Chapter 1: The Meeting
Here we go!Collapse )

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Monday, September 12th, 2005
7:20 pm
Wee look at this


From Go-Quiz.com
Friday, July 29th, 2005
8:01 pm
Title: Rescue
Topic: Bad Harlequin Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 286
Pairing: AcexSanji

Notes: Really bad love-induced rants, needless marine abuse, slight-Sanji abuse, and really cheesy lines. This is as cheesy as they come…with a Saiyuki reference thrown in ('Cause Saiyuki pwns me)

Ace felt his heart shudder to a stop, as he took in the sight before him.

'No this can't be real, it just can't!'


Ace rushed foreword knocking out marines, left and right. His Fire deadly, beautiful, and burning bright just like his Sanji, took out the rest of the marines.

Ace fell to his knees besides Sanji's body

"Sanji, love…come on open your eyes…er –eye…"

Ace waited with baited breath for exotically beautiful love to open his eye. He desperately wanted this to be a dream; he wanted to once again drown in the blue sea of his love's eye. Slowly Sanji began to stir.

"Ace, is that you? Ugh…what happened?"

Ace gathered his light love into his arms soothing his soft, silky-smooth, blonde hair back. He was afraid, but he couldn't panic, if he panicked, so would Sanji, and then it would all be over.

"Ssh, love…save your strength…"

"But Ace – "

"My love is so brave! He doesn't mind the pain as long as I am with him! Such vigor is unknown to most…but my love displays it with such prestige and grace, that I am sure he fell from the heavens! No one but an angel would have hair as golden as his or eyes as blue. His beauty rivals – "


"You're not? Well, what about the blood?"

"It's ketchup, you can thank Luffy for that."

"What about you being unconscious? That had to have been one of those dastardly marines, right?"

"Luffy, again…"

"Well, this is awkward…what do you want to do, love?"

"You can tell me who my beauty rivals…"

Meanwhile on the other side of town a redhead was groping a very pretty blonde.

Was originally going to start off with ("You'll pay for your transgressions!" Ace looked from where he had been currently and very enthusiastically groping the most beautiful blonde that had ever laid eyes upon.) But sadly, it didn't…

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Friday, July 22nd, 2005
3:38 pm
Dorky Balls of Light
Title: Dorky Balls of Light
Topic: Angels/Demons (Guardian Angels)
Rating: PG-13ish (swearing, yaoi) ^^
Word Count: 290
Pairing: ZoroxSanji

Notes: Why Zoro will never die…

Zoro hissed in annoyance as his back met the ground, and black dots danced in his vision. 'Damn fucking Marines. Stupid fucking love-cook…this is all his fucking fault.' Zoro thought angrily to himself. And honestly, who gets so worked up by being groped by a slightly drunk marine?

With vision quickly blacking out…Zoro thought about all the reasons he didn't want to die. Number one being the promise he made. His loyalty to Luffy. Just to piss Nami off. But most of there was Sanji, the stupid bitchy love-cook.

And there was Sanji his 'guardian angel' of sorts hovering over his shoulder like some dorky, demented, and lets not forget annoying ball of light. Shouting insults and repeatedly kicking him, all while smoking and wearing that insufferable grin of his. And never mind that Guardian Angel!Sanji was wearing next to nothing. That definitely wasn't his doing.

"Oi, jackass!"

Semi-bright light filtered in Zoro's steadily-clearing vision, just before a boot came down on his head.

"Shitty love-cook! What the HELL was that FOR!?"

Sanji simply grinned. Watching as Zoro gave an enraged snarl and charged at him.

"Oi fucker, thanks."

Zoro would never admit it to the others, but Sanji was the reason he would never die. Whether he was a dorky ball of light, a scantily-clad guardian angel or an infuriating love-cook, he somehow always pulled him back. Sanji looked up surprised as Zoro kissed him, right there in the middle of the street, no one noticed flash going off, or Nami slinking back to the shadows with a smile on her face.

No one noticed the slightly-sobered up marine, who noticed Sanji and more importantly who was kissing him. He gave a very unmanly shriek and promptly passed out.
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
5:24 pm
GojyoxSanzo Drabble 3
Title: Flip Rustle Pounce
Author: C4PyroGirl
Warnings: Kougaiji-abuse ^^v, TWT.
After the defeat of Gyu-ma-oh, and the revival of Kougaiji’s mother, everyone had settled down.

That was after Kougaiji’s mother had commented that Sanzo and Kougaiji would make such a cute couple, and the preceded to drag the blonde around the castle much to everyone’s amusement.

Soon, the Sanzo-ikkou had settled down in a nice town, even the Kougaiji-tachi moved there. In fact they lived right down the street.

Opening the door to their shared house. Gojyo flopped down onto the couch.

“Well, the journey’s finally over.”



“Not likely.”



“Whaddya ya mean by that, bouzo?”

Sanzo adjusted his glasses before looking over the top of the newspaper at Gojyo.
“Che, some of the youkai are still affected by the minus wave.”


“Damn, aren’t we ever going to get a break?”







“Oi, what do you think you’re - ”

“Doing, Sanzo-sama?”

“Gojyo, shut up and kiss me.”

“Of course.”




“Who is it?”

“It’s Kougaiji.”

“What the hell do you want?”

Gojyo got up, and offered a hand to Sanzo, as he glared at the door, it wasn’t that he hated the guy, it was just the fact that he showed up at the most inopportune times, like when Sanzo was injured, or very close to getting the blonde into bed, or was it the fact that he flirted with Sanzo on an almost daily basis? Either way, he had an extreme dislike for the youkai prince.



“What do you want, Kougaiji?”


“Get the fuck off of me, bakayarou!”



“Get. Off.”


“How about a kiss then, huh?”




Though it was nice to see the infamous paper fan wailed over Kougaiji’s head.

Gojyo smirked watching as Kougaiji walked away with his tail between his legs.






5:18 pm
GojyoxSanzo Drabble 2
Title: HE'S WHAT!?
Author: C4PyroGirl
Warning: MPREG...
(If anyone wants to take a run with this; go ahead!! I'd love to see more...)

"He’s WHAT!?"
"I’m WHAT!?"

The blue and silver haired doctor adjusted his glasses, quickly glancing at Gojyo and then Sanzo before answering. "Pregnant…"
"How is that possible?"
The Doctor appeared to be thoughtful for a few seconds before answering, "I really don't know…"
"So, um…Doc, do you know if the child would be a half-breed?"
"What do you mean 'either…'?"
"That depends on which set of genes you pass down to your child, your human or your youkai ones."
"Oh…I see…"
"You'll want to refine from smoking or drinking…Oh, and you can't put the limiter on…"

"Oh, hell…."
"I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!!" Sanzo hissed out as he leapt at Gojyo.
"Ack!! TASUKETE!!!! YAMERO!!!"

The fight finally ended with Gojyo somehow pining Sanzo to the floor…which caused flashbacks of the night he had turned full youkai for the day and had knocked Sanzo's limiter off, which had led to scuffle and then lead to a night of hot steamy sex… Gojyo quickly plugged his nose to stop the nosebleed.

"We need to give him this…"
"Uh, what does it do?" Gojyo asked a little unsure of what the blue liquid was.
"It will make him less volatile…I need you to hold his nose, so I can administer it." The doctor said waiting until Sanzo reflexively opened his mouth to take a breath. The Doctor used that spilt second to poor the blue liquid down Sanzo's throat.
"Ack, what the HELL was that!?! That tastes worse than the ero kappa's cooking. I feel really tired.."
"It's just makes him really tired…"

Hakkai and Goku for the most part had been quiet, not wanting to anger the even more volatile pregnant youkai Sanzo. Hakkai turned his head when he heard foot steps approaching. A little kid with blue spiky hair and bluish-green eyes ran in and then tugged on Sapphire's pants.
"Maa maa, what is it Hoshi?"
"Can we go to the park?"
"Did you ask your father?"
"Yep, and 'tousan told me to ask 'kaasan."
"Aa, sou desu ne. We'll see about it…" Sapphire said smiling at his child.
"Yeah!!" Hoshi cheered and then ran off to bug his father.

Blink. Blink..
"Uh, is that your kid?"
"Um, so you were pregnant?"
"Thank you for your help…" Hakkai said smiling slightly.
"No problem, that's what we’re here for."
The Sanzo-ikkou then left the doctor's office.

Later that night in Gojyo and Sanzo's room, after Sanzo had woken up.
"Oi, Kappa…"
"Hai, Sanzo?"
"If that child calls me ''kaasan' I will redefine the words painfully and slowly…"
"*gulp* Hai, Sanzo…"

At Sapphire's home…
"A pregnant youkai priest, who would of thought…"
"Well it’s not the first time you've known a guy to be pregnant."
"That was different…"
"How so?"
"That was me…"
"Oooohhh yeah…"
"Aww, Saph…I was just kidding, c'mere."
Sapphire smiled as Ruby pulled him into a hug, which soon dissolved into a mind-blowing kiss.

Meanwhile in Tenkai…
"Ohohoho!!! This is too good!!" Kanzeon-bosatsu had fallen off hir throne from laughing so hard.

At the castle…
"Hai, Kou?"
"I have the sudden craving for some pickles…"
5:12 pm
GojyoxSanzo drabble 1
Title: Sick
Author: me (C4PyroGirl)
Warnings: FLUFFY!!

"You just had to get sick, didn't you?" Gojyo said watching as Sanzo turned to glare at him. "Easy, easy. Hakkai said you need to stay lying down."

"Are you going to answer my question?"
"What question?"
"Why are you taking care of me?"
"Because I want to, San-chan..."
"Don't call me that..."

Gojyo smirked slightly, Sanzo was so much fun to tease. Gojyo then sat down on the bed. Reaching over he quickly brushed a few strands of golden hair, before placing a gentle kiss on Sanzo's forehead. He then replaced the wet cloth on Sanzo's forehead and then settled down on the bed, pulling Sanzo to his chest.

"Eager for me to get better, hmm?"
"Nah, I like you just where you are..."
"Che..and where might that be, ero kappa?"

Sanzo felt a sudden warmness spread through him at the simple answer, it was where he wanted to be, too.

"Besides it's not fun to fight with the baka saru if you're not there..."
"What, you like getting hit with fan?"
"No, I like you..."
3:24 pm
Lookie, I got a Journal
Well, name's C4PyroGirl. ^^v I also go by 'Teh Uber Nerd'. ^^v I absolutely adore yaoi...and RoyHavoc, GojyoSanzo, and way more than I can remember. I have a few drabbles I'm working on (RoyHavoc in nature) if you have an idea, just post a reply...^^v I also have 2 pics that I have to color that my friend drew for me. ^^v miniskirt!Havoc and Chibi!Roy.

I also have a deviantart account: http://C4PyroGirl.deviantart.com

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